Benefits of volunteering at North Bristol Community Project

We offer a range of opportunities from back-office functions to front of house activities such as workshop facilitation and teaching.

Did you know that volunteering was one of the best way to lift up your spirits? Indeed, the NHS lists a number of health benefits relating to volunteering, including better quality of life, stronger ability to cope with ill health and improved self-esteem. Likewise, Action for Happiness list ten key ingredients for a happy and fulfilling life, which are giving, relating, exercising, awareness, trying out, direction, resilience, emotions, acceptance and meaning.

We feel confident that volunteering ticks all these boxes! So why not become a volunteer, and share your skills, knowledge and experience with others?

Student volunteers can benefit from being part of a professional team that works around their timetables, which gives an advantage over peers, who may not have similar experience in work environments. In the same fashion, job seekers increase their employability by developing  a proven track record. References are critical and essential for future employers, who want to see evidence of people’s ability to commit and perform to a good standard. At NBCP,  we are more than happy to deliver good references for quality and helpful work.

On a personal level as a volunteer, you can push yourself to new limits and learn things about yourself.

Volunteering also helps to break down social and economic barriers, and can offer people an opportunity to socialise with others from different social and cultural backgrounds. By volunteering with North Bristol Community Project, you can help support vulnerable people in society, and enable them to live a healthy and rewarding life whilst, enriching your own life.


Volunteering roles

You can get involved in a number of ways to make a positive change in your community, some of the opportunities available include:

  • Fundraising and Bid Writing
  • Marketing
  • Building Maintenance
  • Event Management
  • Book-keeping
  • Office Administration
  • E-commerce
  • Volunteer programme Co-ordination
  • Arts Workshops Facilitation
  • IT support (SEO/Website Maintenance/Content Management)
  • Graphic/Interior Design
  • Trustee Roles

There are lots of different reasons for volunteering with us:

  • gaining work experience and gaining and improving employability skills
  • contributing to the local community while keeping busy
  • meeting new people in a great work environment
  • improving mental health and feeling valued
  • or simply for the rewarding feeling of helping the community

We are a charity that is looking to utilise your expertise, skills, spare time and willingness to work within the community to deliver our aims. If we can help you feel good about yourself, engaged in what you do and learn, that’s a win-win result.

So, what should you expect from us?

We will look at the skills we, as an organisation, currently require, and match these up with your skills set. During your induction meeting, we shall agree a list of things you will be responsible for, so you always know what you are meant to be doing. You’ll also be assigned a supervisor to guide you and provide ongoing training.

Training and supervision

Volunteering is a great way to get on-the-job experience. Everyone gets an induction; your supervisor explains things like how the organisation works, what your team does, where things are kept, and what you will be doing. If you need any special training, we will see how we can support or signpost you. You will agree tasks to do, which other team members will happily help you with. You will also have a written plan to work towards. Before anything, we want to make sure you feel valued and supported.

Email us: nbcp84@gmail.com or visit our Contact Us page