I.T. skills 4 over-50’s

Computers are an ART too! - image
Computers are an ART too!



If you feel like today’s technology is leaving you behind, why not try our computer skills tutorials for the over 50s.

Bring along your devices, be they  laptops, iPhones, Android smartphones, iPads, and digital cameras.

We will help you to navigate the digital world with more confidence, so you can: use apps, book tickets, bank on-line safely, get great deals, keep in touch with loved ones on-line and take better photos, all in a friendly, supportive environment.

£5 per person per session, with tea, coffee available.

No need to book, just drop in with your device! Thursdays from 2pm to 3:30pm ( excluding Bank Holidays)

Feel free to contact us…

Computing in 1953...image
Computing in 1953…

If you’re an Over-50, why not visit the pages of computerhistory.org. You can see how computing has been a part of your whole life. Even if you didin’t know it!

The image here shows you what your laptop would have looked like in 1953.

On the site, click your birth year in the date slider at the top of the page, and see how the world was already changing when you arrived on the planet.

Join the change, take a computer user course and get the best from the web and computing for yourself.

How others have done it!

We loved this short video about American seniors, in California, engaging with technology, as well as having fun, shared experiences and good food.

The music on the video will have you dancing too!

Making Art with a Computer?


The Victoria and Albert Museum web pages have a nice article on The History of Computer Art.


It traces the use of computer in creating art, through the 1950′ 1960’s and beyond.

‘The term ‘Computer Art’ is used less frequently to describe artists and designers working with the computer today. Many artists who now work with computers incorporate this technology into their practice as just one tool amongst many that they may use interchangeably’.

That said, your computer learning can also involve you in discovering how to manipulate, store and publish images of your own, using the technology.

Read more here. http://www.vam.ac.uk/content/articles/a/computer-art-history/

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